dana hatter

Dana Hatter

Academic Advisor

Plant Biology and Microbiology & Molecular Genetics
Academic Counselor II College of Arts & Sciences
406 Life Sciences East, Stillwater, OK 74078



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MS in Education
Instructor, Undergraduate Advisor in Arts & Sciences for twelve years
Dana's Philosophy:
"My number one goal is to help you reach your dreams and potential. I am keeping your student records up to date, so if you have a question about your courses at any point in your undergraduate career at OSU, feel free to consult with me and see what we can do. Currently I have drop in office hours from 8-12 on Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday. Private appointments can be made on STAR or via EMAIL. With this, if you just have a single question, you are able, and encouraged, to drop by so we can talk, but we can have privacy if you request."

"My goal is that a student graduates as quickly and efficiently as possible. With proper planning, events like internships and study abroad programs can be integrated into a student's degree without, or minimizing, the need for extra time, money, and classes." I keep an online classroom section for all of my students that I advise. On this, I can keep updates on various topics such as "How to get into Medical School", etc.

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