Graduate Courses


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BIOL 3034 - General Ecology
Lab 4. Prerequisites: BOT 1404, ZOOL 1604 or equivalent; MATH 1513 or 1715. Physical and biotic environment, responses of organisms to the environment, behavioral and community ecology, natural ecosystems and man's interaction with ecosystems.

BIOL 5524 - Biological Instrumentation
Lab 4. Prerequisites: CHEM 1515 and BOT 1404 or MICR 2123 or ZOOL 1604 or equivalents or consent of instructor. Lecture and laboratory course in biological instrumentation use, theory, experimental design, maintenance, and troubleshooting. Topics include liquid handling systems, pH/ISE meters, electrophoresis, spectrophotometers, centrifuges, chromatography, thermocyclers, and DNA sequencers. No credit for students with credit in BIOL 4524.

BOT 3013 - Biological Microtechnique
Lab 3. Prerequisites: BOT 1404 or ZOOL 1604. Techniques for preparaton of biological materials for microscopic examination.

BOT 3114 - Plant Taxonomy
Lab 4. Prerequisites: BOT 1404 or equivalent. Vocabulary and concepts of plant taxonomy: terminology, keys, nomenclature, documentation, classification, and biosystematics. Emphasis on angiosperm flora of OKlahoma. Field trips required.

BOT 3233 - Plant Anatomy
Lab 3. Prerequisite: BOT 1404. Structure of cells, tissues and organs of plants. Consideration of structure as related to ontogeny, phylogeny and function.

BOT 3463 - Plant Physiology
Prerequisite: BOT 1404. Plant subcellular structure, water relations, water absorption and ascent of sap, translocation, gaseous exchange, nutrition, enzymes, respiration, photosynthesis, growth, development, reproduction, tropisms, hormones, dormancy and seed germination.

BOT 5000 - Master's Thesis
1-6 credits, max 6. Thesis work for the MS degree.

BOT 5104 - Mycology
Lab 4. A systematic study of the fungi, with emphasis on taxonomy, comparative morphology, and fungal biology.  (Same course as PLP 5104.)

BOT 5110 - Special Topics in Botany
1-5 credits, max 24. Prerequisite: Consent of instructor. Special studies in any area of botany.

BOT 5110 - Field Botany
3 credit hours. Meets same time as undergraduate BOT 3005 Field Botany. Botanical field techniques, the vegetation of North America, and the flora of Oklahoma. Terminology of description, use of taxonomic keys, techniques of specimen preservation, field recognition of plant taxa and communities and controlling ecological factors, economic and wildlife significance of dominant taxa, principles of classification and nomenclature. Four weekend field trips required.

BOT 5110 - Professional Development
1 credit hour. For first year graduate students and advanced undergraduates contemplating graduate school in the life sciences.  A discussion-based course focusing on pre- and post-graduation success including: 1) skills, knowledge, and responsibilities required for success in graduate school, 2) career opportunities and job search strategies in the plant sciences.

BOT 5210 - Research in Botany
1-6 credits, max 12. Prerequisite: Instructor Permission Required. Independent research in any area of botany or plant biology.

BOT 5423 - Plant Mineral Nutrition
Prerequisite: BOT 3463 or equivalent. Uptake, translocation, metabolism, and biochemical function of mineral nutrients in higher plants. No credit for students with credit in BOT 4423.

BOT 5541 - Phylogenomics
1 credit hour. Current topics in the theory and application of genome and transcriptome sequencing to phylogenetics, prediction of gene function, and evolution of genes.

BOT 5553 - Molecular Phylogenetic Analysis
Lab 2. Prerequisite: Undergraduate genetics strongly recommended. This course covers the use of molecular sequence data to construct evolutionary trees. It integrates theory and computer applications to answer questions involving species relationships, gene evolution, molecular evolution and morphological change, co-evolution, and biogeographic relationships.

BOT 5563 - Plant Ecological Genetics
Prerequisite(s): BIOL 3023, 3034, and/or ZOOL 4133 or equivalents. Basic concepts in plant population and quantitative genetics, focusing on techniques that reveal the genetic structure and the adaptive value of ecologically relevant traits.

BOT 5850 - Botany Seminar
1 credit, max 6. Required of graduate majors.

BOT 6000 - Doctoral Research
1-15 credits, max 60. Independent research for the doctoral dissertation.