3:30 - 4:45pm, Thursdays, Ag Hall 201 unless otherwise noted*
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August 23rd, 2018
Welcome Seminar

August 30th, 2018
Game Day, No Seminar

September 6th, 2018
Dr. Mike Palmer, OSU PBEE, Host: Dr. Ming Yang
"Noncanonical patterns in the size of North American floras"

September 13th, 2018
Chris Wood, PBEE, Quarterly Departmental Safety Training

September 20th, 2018
Dr. Gerald Shoenknecht, OSU PBEE, Host: Ming Yang
"The need for speed - Biochemical mechanisms driving rapid fluxes in C4 photosynthesis."

September 27th, 2018
Jenny Swinton, OSU, Host: Dr. Ming Yang
ASPB SURF project: Genes for controlling epidermal cell number in Arabidopsis.

October 4th, 2018
Dr. Kay Scheets, OSU PBEE, Host: Ming Yang
"Plant viruses: Taxonomy & life cycles."

October 11th, 2018
Dr. Amy Trowbridge, Montana State University, Host: Dr. Henry Adams
"Dry hot American summer: Tracking tree investment in chemical defenses during prolonged drought stress."

October 25th, 2018
Lucy Stewart, USDA Wooster, Host: Dr. Kay Scheets
"Maize lethal necrosis: A picture of virus complexity across East Africa."

November 1st, 2018
Tony Sabella, PBEE, MS Proposal, Host: Dr. Ming Yang
"Response of Picochlorum oklahomense to Nitrogen Deficiancy under Dynamic Salinity Conditions."

November 8th, 2018
Dr. Jocelyn Hall, University of Alberta, Host: Dr. Mark Fishbein
"What can be learned from the Mustard family's little sister, Cleomaceae?"

November 15th, 2018
Dr. Elizabeth Kellogg, Danforth Center, Host: Dr. Andrew Doust
"Inflorescence form and function in sorghum and its relatives."

November 29th, 2018
Dr. Cassandra Quave, Department of Dermatology, Emory University School of Medicine; Center for the Study of Human Health, College of Arts and Sciences; Curator, Emory University, Host: Dr. Linda Watson
"Plants, people and the search for new medicines to combat antibiotic resistant infections."

December 6th, 2018
Dr. Ellie Phuong Nguyen, OSU BMB, Host: Dr. Ming Yang
"Conversations between plants and insects: The molecular mechanism of herbivory defence regulation in Arabidopsis thaliana."