Picochlorum SE3

Picochlorum SE3A green alga isolated by the Henley lab from the Great Salt Plains in Oklahoma, and currently being studied in the lab, has a fascinating genome that appears to make it very resilient under environmental change, according to a new publication from Rutgers: How some algae may survive climate change





Adventure Camp Meets Field Botany

Mark Fishbein recently spent a day with 7-12 year old future scientists at Lake McMurtry Adventure Camp, https://www.facebook.com/lakemcmurtryoac/. He presented information on plant biology and how plant specimens are collected and used in research.  During a nature hike, the campers learned about the diversity of prairie plants in the Great Plains.  For more information about the camp please visit the Lake McMurtry Adventure Camp website at https://www.lakemcmurtry.com/adventure-camp.html.

M. Fishbein 3

M. Fishbein

 M. Fishbein 2