Research Interests of Faculty

Henry Adams, Assistant Professor, University of Arizona (PhD 2012). Environmental Ecology: global change ecology, physiological ecology, drought-induced tree mortality, dendroecology, ecosystem ecology, ecohydrology.

Andrew Doust, Associate Professor, University of Melbourne (PhD 1999). Plant Molecular Evolution: phylogeny, evolutionary genetics (QTL) and development of grasses.

Mark Fishbein, Professor, University of Arizona (PhD 1996). Plant Systematics and Evolution: phylogeny, speciation, hybridization, milkweeds, floristics, plant-insect interactions.

William Henley, Professor, Duke University (PhD 1988). Photosynthetic Physiology: physiological ecology of algae from extreme environments; algal biofuels.

Yinghua Huang, USDA-ARS, Adjunct Professor, Michigan Technological University (PhD 1991). Molecular Genetics and Biotechnology: gene identification, genomics, and pest resistance.

David Meinke, Regents Professor, Yale University (PhD 1979). Developmental and Molecular Genetics: embryogenesis in Arabidopsis thaliana.

Michael Palmer, Regents Professor, Duke University (PhD 1988). Community Ecology: vegetation science, conservation, biodiversity, and floristics.

Kay Scheets, Adjunct Assistant Professor, Kansas State University (PhD 1986). Molecular Biology: virology of cereal-infecting viruses; plant virus biodiversity.

Gerald Schoenknecht, Professor, University of Osnabrück (PhD 1990). Physiology and Evolution: molecular mechanisms and evolution of ion transport; horizontal gene transfer in eukaryotic evolution.

Linda Watson, Professor, University of Oklahoma (PhD 1989). Plant Systematics: molecular systematics and evolution, phylogeny, historical biogeography.

Chris Wood, Clinical Instructor, University of Oklahoma (MS 1985). Research Support: molecular biology and plant physiology, instrumentation specialist.

Ming Yang, Associate Professor, Ohio State University (PhD 1996). Molecular Genetics: cell cycle regulation and cellular morphogenesis in Arabidopsis thaliana.