gerald schoenk

Dr. Gerald Schoenknecht


Dept. of Plant Biology, Ecology, and Evolution

301 Physical Sciences, Stillwater, OK 74078-3013, USA


Currently on leave as Program Director at NSF




PBIO 4463 Plant Physiology, every spring and fall (in fall only as online course).
Prerequisite: BOT 1404.  Plant subcellular structure, water relations, water absorption and ascent of sap, translocation, gaseous exchange, nutrition, enzymes, respiration, photosynthesis, growth, development, reproduction, tropisms, hormones, dormancy and seed germination.

PBIO 4462 Plant Physiology Lab, every spring.
Prerequisite: BOT 3463 or concurrent enrollment.  Skills in techniques for working with plants, experiments involving nutrition, respiration, photosynthesis, water relations, translocation, hormones, growth and development.  Previously offered at BOT 3460.

PBIO 5423/4423 Plant Mineral Nutrition, fall of odd numbered years.
Prerequisite: BOT 3463.  Uptake, translocation, metabolism, and biochemical function of mineral nurtients in higher plalnts.  No credit for students with credit in BOT 4423.

PBIO 5110/4990 Biostatisticsfall of even numbered years.


My group studies the physiology and evolution of plant membrane transport proteins. Ongoing research projects are:
- Annotation and analysis of the genome of the thermoacidophilic red alga Galdieria sulphuraria. The analysis of the Galdieria genome has been published in Science.
- The molecular mechanisms of volatage-dependent gating of the vacuolar cation channel TPC1.
- Recording and modelling of pH homeostasis in plant root cells.


Recent Publications


For most recent publications list, see ResearchGate

Gating of the two-pore cation channel AtTPC1 in the plant vacuole is based on a single voltage-sensing domain
Jaslan, D., Mueller, T.D., Becker, D., Schultz, J., Cuin, T., Marten, I., Dreyer, I., Schönknecht, G. (communicating author) and Hedrich, R. (2016) Plant Biology 18: 750-760.  (Recommended by F1000Prime and covered by EurekAlert)

Gene transfers shaped the evolution of de novo NAD+ biosynthesis in eukaryotes
Ternes, C. M. and Schönknecht, G. (2014) Genome Biology and Evolution 6(9): 2335-2349.

Horizontal gene acquisitions by eukaryotes as drivers of adaptive evolution
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Calcium signals from the vacuole
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Gene transfer from bacteria and archaea facilitated evolution of an extremophilic eukaryote
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Luminal and cytosolic pH feedback on proton pump activity and ATP affinity of the V-type ATPase from Arabidopsis Rienmüller, F., Dreyer, I., Schönknecht, G., Schulz, A., Schumacher, K., Nagy, R., Martinoia, E., Marten, I. and Hedrich, R. (2012) Journal of Biological Chemistry 287 : 8986-8993.

A novel calcium-binding site in the slow vacuolar cation channel TPC1 senses luminal calcium levels
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pH regulation in an acidophilic green alga - a quantitative analysis
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Plasmodesmata transport of GFP alone or fused to Potato virus X TGBp1 is diffusion driven
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Vacuolar ion channels in the liverwort Conocephalum conicum
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Characteristics of anion channels in the tonoplast of the liverwort Conocephalum conicum
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Vacuolar calcium channels
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Modelling Ca2+ oscillations in plants
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