The Department of Plant Biology, Ecology, and Evolution encourages all students to become involved in research projects supervised by faculty members. These activities expand your undergraduate experience and often set the exceptional student apart the crowd. Each year, employers and professional schools review hundreds of transcripts filled with outstanding grades. Experience gained through direct involvement in research can provide the competitive edge. Participation in research provides solid evidence that an individual is experienced at specific tasks and capable of working on a team. Some students are paid hourly wages for their contributions to ongoing research projects. Others pursue independent research and earn credit toward their degree. Many students are financially supported by Niblack, Wentz, and OK-LSAMP scholarships.

It is easy to find a research advisor. Examine the PBEE Faculty Web Page to find an area of research that interests you, and don't hesitate to contact the faculty member about opportunities. It is not necessary for you to major in Plant Biology to conduct research with a PBEE faculty member.

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