Apply OSUThe Department of Plant Biology, Ecology, and Evolution at OSU provides opportunities for comprehensive training in plant biology, with research and instructional activities ranging from genetics and molecular biology to ecology and evolution. Students who pursue a B.S. in Plant Biology can easily double major in Biological Science, Microbiology and Molecular Genetics, or Zoology. Students also have the option to obtain certifications in Geographic Information Systems and Environmental Studies while pursuing a plant Biology degree. With some advanced planning, students may also double major with programs in the OSU College of Agricultural Sciences and Natural Resources. An understanding of basic plant biology is fundamental to the successful development and implementation of practical solutions to many of society´s current and future challenges.

Degree requirements

BS - Plant Biology
With options in:
- Cell Biology and Molecular Genetics
- Ecology and Evolutionary Biology
- Pre-Pharmacy (New!)
- Pre-Law (New!)
- Pre-Forensics (New!)

Minor:  Plant Biology (PLB), Minor


Students interested in careers in Plant Biology should have a strong interest in the biological sciences, in general, as well as an aptitude for chemistry and mathmatics. Plant Biology majors are competitive for all types of jobs as well as for acceptance into graduate and medical schools.  Federal and state agencies, research and development industries, research foundations, conservation organizations, natural history museums, public and private schools, and institutions of higher education employ plant biologists with bachelor's degrees.

  • Biotechnologist
  • Field Botanist
  • Forensic Scientist
  • Greenhouse Manager
  • High School Science Teacher/Counselor
  • Horticulturist
  • Laboratory Technician/Analyst
  • Plant Ecologist
  • Graduate School
  • Pharmaceutical School
  • Law School
  • Medical School


If you are interested in majoring in Plant Biology or in a related discipline within the life sciences, please go to the A&S Student Success Center in 213 Life Sciences East (405-744-5658).

Or contact:
Sheri Orr, Undergraduate Academic Advisor
105 Noble Research Center

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