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August 20th, 2020
Welcome Back Meeting, Host: Dr. Andrew Doust

September 3rd, 2020
Nikee Shrestha, OSU PBEE, Host: Dr. Andrew Doust
MS Proposal: "Genetic base of shattering in pearl millet"

September 10th, 2020  **POSTPONED**
Nimani Rathnasooriya, OSU PBEE, Host: Dr. Mark Fishbein
MS Proposal: "Effects on drought and induced defenses on herbivory in Asclepias viridis"

September 17th, 2020

September 24th, 2020
Jeff Dudek, OSU PBEE, Host: Dr. Henry Adams
MS Defense: "A Burning Question: When does drought promote increased flammability in eastern redcedar?"

October 1st, 2020
Yangnan Gu, University of California, Berkeley, Host: Dr. Heejin Yoo
"Understanding the protein landscape and dynamics of the nuclear membrane in plants"

October 8th, 2020
Tom Miller, Rice University, Host: Dr. Béné Bachelot

October 15th, 2020
Thais Vasconcelos, University of Arkansas, Host: Dr. Mark Fishbein
“The role of the landscape in the diversification of flowering plants”

October 22nd, 2020 **POSTPONED**
Dylan Franks, OSU PBEE, Host: Dr. Bill Henley
“Maintaining nitrogen-limited balanced-growth states in a cyclo-turbidostat: Lipid accumulation under ultradian growth”

October 29th, 2020
Luisa Rubino, Istituto di Virologia Vegetale del CNR, Bari, Italy, Host: Dr. Kay Scheets
“Virus replication on membranes”

November 5th, 2020
Ash Zemenick, Michigan State University, Host: Dr. Eric LoPresti“Creating more inclusive, diverse, and humanizing biology courses”

November 12th, 2020
Xi Wen, OSU PBEE, Host: Dr. Ming Yang
MS Proposal: “Regulation of Epidermal Cell Production by the SUPERNUMERARY EPIDERMAL CELLS and ERECTA genes in Arabidopsis thaliana”

November 19th, 2020
David Kunkel, OSU PBEE, Host: Dr. Mark Fishbein, “Characterizing the Past, Present, and Future Niche Space of Asclepias spp. Of the Americas”

December 3rd, 2020
Kaitlyn McNeil, OSU PBEE, Host: Dr. Henry Adams
MS Defense: TBA