Active Research Grants

Dr. Ming Yang is the PI for a $100,000 OCAST grant that will support the studies of genetic networks regulating seed dormancy in Arabidopsis thaliana.

Dr. Andrew Doust, Professor, is Principal Investigator on a National Science Foundation-IOS grant in the amount of $400,000 for Collaborative Research on the 'Genetic Comparisons of Abscission Zones in Grasses’. Dr. Julie Angle (OSU College of Education) is a co-PI.

Dr. Andrew Doust is the PI for a OCAST grant for 'Deciphering the soft leaf trait to improve tall fescue forage nutritive value and palatability'.

Dr. Mark Fishbein is the PI for a $934,248 NSF grant for 'Digitization TCN: Collaborative: American Crossroads: Digitizing the Vascular Flora of the South-Central United States'.

Dr. Bénédicte Bachelot is the PI for a $334,985 NSF grant for 'Effects of experimental warming, disturbances, and species interactions on tropical tree community demography'.