Chris Wood

Chris Wood

Temporary Tech/Paraprofessional

Dept. of Plant Biology, Ecology, and Evolution

230E Henry Bellmon Research Center, Stillwater, OK 74078-3013, USA




I provide research support for the College of Arts and Science. I assist faculty, post docs and students with advice, troubleshooting, and repair on a variety of modern biological instruments. I mainly provide support for the life sciences but also work with other researchers in the College. I am part of the new Biodiversity group in the Henry Bellmon Research Building and work with the faculty and students in that lab with technical issues and general lab management. I help researchers install, write scripts, and use phylogenetic and bioinformatic programs on the high performance computers at OSU. I am also the Facility Manager of the new Advanced Infrared Structural Biology Core Facility.


Recent Publications

Loke, C.J., E.A. Stahlberg, D.G. Strenski, B. Haas, P.C. Wood, and Q.Q. Li. 2005. Compilation of mRNA polyadenylation signals in Arabidopsis revealed a new signal element and potential secondary structures. Plant Physiology 138, pg. 1457.

Loke, C.H.J., D. Strenski, E. A. Stahlberg, P.C. Wood, and Q. Li. 2003. Genome-wide compilation of mRNA polyadenylation signals in Arabidopsisusing advance searching methods. CUG 2003 Proceedings.

Smoot, J.C., L.M. Mayer, M.J. Bock, P.C. Wood, and R.H. Findlay. 2002. Structural identification of surfactants in the gut juice of the marine polychaete, Arenicola marina. MEPS 258: 161.

Kiss, J.Z., R.E. Edelmann, and P.C. Wood. 1999. Gravitropism of hypocotyls of wild-type and starch-deficient Arabidopsis seedlings in spaceflight studies. Planta 209:96-103.