Ann Price

Dr. Ann Price

Visiting Assistant Professor

Dept. of Plant Biology, Ecology, and Evolution

422 Physical Sciences, Stillwater, OK 74078-3013, USA





BIOL 1114 Introductory Biology (LN), every semester.

Introduction to the integration between structure and function among all levels of biological organization. Application of principles of evolution, genetics, physiology and ecology to understanding the integrated and interdependent nature of living systems through discussions emphasizing the process of science. Current issues and local research and observation and investigation in both lecture and lab. Recommended for non-science and science majors. Course previously offered as BISC 1114.


BIOL 3023 General Genetics, every semester.
Inheritance in plants, animals, and microorganisms; molecular and classical aspects. Previously offered as BIOL 3024 and BISC 3024.


PBIO 3273 Medical Botany (N), fall semesters of odd-numbered years.
Study of plants as a source of medicines, psychoactive compounds and poisons. These topics will be explored in the context of modern western medicine as well as traditional health systems and complementary alternative medicine. Previously offered as BOT 3273.


PBIO 4462 Plant Physiology, spring semesters.
Plant subcellular structure, water relations, water absorption and ascent of sap, translocation, gaseous exchange, nutrition, enzymes, respiration, photosynthesis, growth, development, reproduction, tropisms, hormones, dormancy and seed germination. May not be used for degree credit with PBIO 5463. Previously offered as BOT 3463. Prerequisite(s): BOT 1404 or equivalent.


PBIO 4463 Plant Physiology Lab, spring semesters of even-numbered years.
Skills in techniques for working with plants, experiments involving nutrition, respiration, photosynthesis, water relations, translocation, hormones, growth and development. Previously offered as BOT 3460 and BOT 3462.  

Recent Publications


Mouse Fat-Specific Protein 27 (FSP27) expressed in plant cells localizes to lipid droplets and promotes lipid droplet accumulation and fusion. Price AM, Doner NM, Gidda SK, Jambunathan S, James CN, Schami A, Yurchenko O, Mullen RT, Dyer JM, Puri V, Chapman KD. Biochimie, Volume 169, 2020, Pages 41-53,


Mouse fat storage-inducing transmembrane protein 2 (FIT2) promotes lipid droplet accumulation in plants. Cai Y, McClinchie E, Price A, Nguyen TN, Gidda SK, Watt SC, Yurchenko O, Park S, Sturtevant D, Mullen RT, Dyer JM, Chapman KD. Plant Biotechnol J. 2017 Jul;15(7):824-836. doi: 10.1111/pbi.12678.