Eric LoPresti

Dr. Eric LoPresti

Assistant Professor

Dept. of Plant Biology, Ecology, and Evolution

421 Physical Sciences, Stillwater, OK 74078-3013, USA





PBIO 1404 Plant Biology, every fall semester.

Basic concepts in the biology of plants from the perspective of structure and function, ecology and evolution, and diversity. 


BIOL 3034 General Ecology, every semester
An overview of the study of organisms interacting with each other and their environment at individual, population, community, and ecosystem levels of organization. Includes human interaction with ecological systems.  


I study both mutualistic and antagonistic plant-animal interactions in a variety of systems at a variety of scales. I am especially interested in protective mutualismsas well as pollination biology. I work on both ecological and evolutionary questions and have used many different systems, but largely focus on sticky plants (mostly columbines, tarweeds, and tobaccos) and the sand verbenas (Abronia/Tripterocalyx).


Recent Publications


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