Ming Yang

Dr. Ming Yang


Dept. of Plant Biology, Ecology, and Evolution

010 Life Sciences East, Stillwater, OK 74078-3013, USA






PBIO 2403 Introduction to Plant Molecular Biology, every Spring.
Prerequisite: PBIO 1404 or BIOL 1113. Concepts, principles, and themes in plant molecular biology, including structures and functions of biomolecules, representative molecular reactions, and regulations of such reactions in everyday plant life.

PBIO 3110 Hopeful Monsters: Laboratory Analysis of Plant Mutants, every other Fall.
Prerequisite: PBIO 1404 or BIOL 1113. Analysis of a set of Arabidopsis mutants with interesting phenotypes by light microscopy and quantitative studies.

PBIO 4233/5233 Plant Anatomy, every other Fall.
Prerequisite: PBIO 1404. Structures of cells, tissues and organs of plants and the developmental, phylogenetic, and functional contexts of the structures.


Molecular cell biology and theoretical biology

My goal in research is to understand the molecular mechanisms that underlie cellular and subcellular organization. Towards this end, both experimental and theoretical approaches are employed. The emphases are on novel morphologies or processes and on identification of the determining factors of the morphologies or processes. Our current experimental work using the model plant Arabidopsis thaliana is focused on elucidating 1) the structure of a genetic network regulating seed germination, and 2) the mechanisms affecting male meiotic cell cycle progression. Stemming from my previous work on a theory of the origin of biological rhythms, my current theoretical work is concerned with application of this theory to specific rhythmic processes and finding new principles that incorporate laws of physics and chemistry with special features of biological systems.


Recent Publications


For most recent list of publications, see Google Scholar.

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*Co-corresponding author.

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