Dr. David Meinke, Regents Professor
Mailing Address: Oklahoma State University
Dept. of Plant Biology, Ecology, and Evolution
301 Physical Sciences, Stillwater, OK 74078-3013, USA
Telephone: +1 (405) 744 6549

The purpose of my research is to identify large numbers of genes with essential functions during seed development. My approach has been to isolate and characterize embryo-defective mutants ofArabidopsis, the flowering plant of choice for basic research in molecular genetics. Several thousand mutants have been analyzed to date. Current research is focused on natural variation in the extent of embryo development found in mutants defective in chloroplast translation (protein synthesis inside the chloroplast). My laboratory has also played an active role in the multinationalArabidopsis Genome Research Project. Recently, we published two definitive reviews of >2,500 genes associated with a mutant phenotype of any kind in Arabidopsis. Currently, I am working with curators associated with the central Arabidopsis database (TAIR) to engage members of the plant research community in annotatingArabidopsis gene functions genome-wide. For more information about my NSF projects on the identification of essential genes inArabidopsis, please visit www.SeedGenes.org.

BIOL 3023: General Genetics. For many years, I taught the molecular genetics portion of this course, focused on gene structure and function, bacterial and phage genetics, and recombinant DNA. Effective August, 2015, I will teach the entire course, but only during the fall semesters. 3 credit hours.

Bot 4400: Genetics and Society. Seminar offered fall semesters (beginning August, 2015) to honors students. This seminar will evaluate recent advances in cancer genomics, heritable diseases, and precision medicine. Examples will be drawn from news headlines and from my recent sabbatical at the UCSF College of Medicine in San Francisco. 1 credit hour.

Bot4400/5100: Recent Advances in Genetics. New course beginning spring, 2016. Designed for graduate students and advanced undergraduates with a solid understanding of basic genetics. This course will cover a wide range of topics in the genetics and genomics of humans and model genetic organisms. Group discussions of recent papers in Science and Nature will be included. 3 credit hours.

Recent Publications

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