Recent Publications (past 12 months)

Parker N, Wang Y, Meinke D (2016) Analysis of Arabidopsis accessions hypersensitive to a loss of chloroplast translation. Plant Physiology (in press).
Chuba D, Goyder D, Chase MW, Fishbein M (2017) Phylogenetics of the African Asclepias complex (Apocynaceae) based on three plastid DNA regions. Systematic Botany 42 (in press)

Yang M (2016) The FOUR LIPS (FLP) and MYB88 genes conditionally suppress the production of non-stomatal epidermal cells in Arabidopsis cotyledons. Am J Bot (in press).
Bacaro G, Altobelli A, Cameletti M, Ciccarelli D, Martellos S, Palmer M, Ricotta C, Rocchini D, Scheiner S, Tordoni E, Chiarucci A (October 2016) Incorporating spatial autocorrelation in rarefaction methods: Implications for ecologists and conservation biologists. Ecological Indicators 69: 233-238.
McDonnell A, Fishbein M (26 August 2016) Matelea hirtelliflora (Apocynaceae): a new species of milkweed vine from northeast Texas. Systematic Botany 41:781-786.
Jaslan D, Mueller TD, Becker D, Schultz J, Cuin T, Marten I, Dreyer I, Schönknecht G (communicating author), Hedrich R (12 July 2016) Gating of the two-pore cation channel AtTPC1 in the plant vacuole is based on a single voltage-sensing domain. Plant Biology 18: 750-760. (Recommended by F1000Prime and covered by EurekAlert)

Mauro-Herrera M, Doust A (17 March 2016) Development and genetic control of plant architecture and biomass in the panicoid grass, Setaria. PLoS ONE 11(3): e0151346. doi: 10.1371/joumal.pone.0151346.
McDonnell A, Fishbein M (5 February 2016) Polystemma canisferum (Apocynaceae, Asclepiadoideae): a distinctive new gonoloboid milkweed vine from Sonora, Mexico. Phytotaxa 246: 78-84.
Novoveska L, Franks D, Wulfers T, Henley W (1 January 2016) Stabilizing continuous polycultures of microalgae. Algal Research 13: 126-133.